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I thought the presentation above was a pretty good presentation that is based on "blogging". I wish the presentation offered more on Google Maps Optimization. For local search marketing on the search engines Google Maps is mandatory to address. (in my opinion)

Not to self promote, but I offer a pretty in-depth FREE course on how to optimize your Google Map Listings. This is pretty important since Google is displaying their Map Listings (7-Pack) in the organic search engine pages when people add local modifiers to their search terms.

If you want to check out my free Google Maps Optimization Course, you can do so here:

I hope it helps some small businesses. BTW, if you have Q's about G-Maps Optimization I am always happy to answer them. :)
Hi Mathew

I liked your information in your course. I have been setting up a small business consulting for online presence there seems to be a buzz about it at the moment, but I have not got a lot of traction yet. I seem to get met with not a lot of enthusiasm
My computer seems to do well with other videos but the ones I've tried to watch here at SEOval just keep loading.


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