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What is your website url and how well do you rank in Google?

Please take a moment to list your url and share your best rankings on Google.

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Ranking # 3 for Window Cleaning alternates top spot with tutorhunt for 'history tutor' and need SEO assistance
You might find this helpful

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Two errors in the urls above Kathy's post. Should be and
My website is about health tips and health articles. It is new, got indexed but not rank yet:

Ranked #1 on google, yahoo, msn for free std dating
Ranked #3 on google for free std information This is an oil and acrylic painting site.

Results 1 - 10 of about 141,000 for (0.50 seconds)

Page Rank: 4
I agree with Rob Less than a year old.. pr 4 I think.. page one google for lots of Parker CO results.. number 1 or two for the last 10 years for most any searches for Parker Colorado. PR 4 or 5 depending on the week. :)

Lots of others..


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