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What is your website url and how well do you rank in Google?

Please take a moment to list your url and share your best rankings on Google.

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Nice sites!
Your .com site is actually a PR 3: Google Index 444 pages; Yahoo! 1,340; and Bing 71
Your .net is in fact PR 4: Google: 150; Yahoo! 1,818; and Bing 284

I utilize the SeoQuake plugin for Firefox to get these stats

Again, nice sites and congrats! I am on the first page with the keywords utah carpentry, salt lake city carpentry and utah stair rails.
Hey Craig.

Do you have any other sites? I could use some links for "Roofing"
I can throw you a backlink from either of my two (2) Liberty Home Improvement and Construction Sites?

Let me know
Hi Scott and other members : here's something that' should rock you! You can get your own self-replicating search engine here. It's been available almost 12 years, is a superb lead generator, will provide you with thousands of links etc. and it's all FREE! Simple too - set up and forget (don't forget to collect your leads periodically)
Hi Tracey - not sure if you're looking for SEO help on these sites or not - are they working for you? I am number 2 and 4 on page one in google, in maryland for my business. I'm in health and wellness.
Hi Sirdaveoh, thank you so much for your information, I will take a look at your site. And It's good to meet you on Seoval. Talk to you soon.
Hi Sirdaveoh looks like you're very serious about building your presence on the Internet. So, if you don't mind here's a suggestion that will almost certainly help you do an even better job of what you're doing. go to this link and get yourself an Internet Marketing system -Click the "Sign up " button follow the instructions and get started.Important: Listen to the advice about making a choice of Username - it can help enormously with your SEO on Google!
Then let me know if you like what you see - mail me : - and I'll arrange for your system to be upgraded to GOLD system - Free for 30 days so you can properly evaluate how powerful this system is. Then, in order to help you further, I will include and configure your GOLD system into my Platinum System so you can supercharge your effort. (This process alone requires special training and takes almost 2 days doing it manually) I normally charge for this but I will waive the fee for you. Kind regards, Frank
I guess we rank ok. Not sure exactly what you are asking in terms of ranking? If someone asks me for our URL/Website, I just spell it out to them: or However, you can find both of them easily.
Article Stock an article marketing website, to be honest.... not ranking at all.


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