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What is your website url and how well do you rank in Google?

Please take a moment to list your url and share your best rankings on Google.

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Hi Arnie - I'm happy to extend the same offer that I just offered "Sirdaveoh" (above) if you wish? Frank
My website is It is listed in first place after the sponsored websites. It is also listed several times after that in various listings (reviews, blogs, etc.)
Looks a very nice book. I applaud your purpose too!
My website url - and Rank 85 in my genre.
On Google and other search sites my website is listed first. There are also other listings for me on the same page with the search engines.
My rankings are as follows:
#4 Colorado web 2.0 design
#2 Leadville web design (actually #1 and I go back and forth lately)
#1 Leadville digtal art.

I can say that utilizing social networks and blogging are very good for websites. Google has Real Time search now and the more active your site it the quicker it will climb.
My website is I rank quite well.
Full service process service company.
I am finding this rather difficult. Let with some limoitations after a head and brain-injury. However, I managed to write my life story, FROM TRAGEDY TO TRIUMPH. There is a link to a blogtalk chat yesterday on
Valerie Hafer White From Tragedy to Triumph w/ Guest Author Jessica E Taylor 3/10/2010 - Tweaking Vibrations on Blog Talk.
Join Valerie as she chats with Jessica Taylor about her incredible journey and amazing comeback from the devastating effects of a horrific head and brain trauma injury. What is the best way to describe . It is also on my facebook Profile.

Although this site offers "follow" attributes for backlinks, at this time I will respectfully decline to list sites that do not have relevancy to the content of this site or the backlinks contained herein. No disrespect intended, but co-citation can completely destroy your PR as well and your ranking in the SERPS.
If you want to learn about the facets of co citation, simply Google "How To Avoid The Bad Neighborhood Blues" where my site is parked in 1st -- and it has "trust rank"
I'm not gloating. I'm just trying to help people help themselves.
This is a great place, but backlinks are a very precious and delicate matter to employ for rankings, and you simply can't have you site linked to a page with backlinks and content from niches that have no shared relevance.
I would really like to help everyone help each other, so please comment, ask questions, or whatever.
Peace out...



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